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Strip DMX Decoder

  • The DMX decoder adopts the advanced micro control unit, it receives standard DMX-512 digital control signal that is widely used in the and transformes it into PWM signal to drive LED; the port of DMX signal has lightning protection measures, while the load output has over-current protection circuit; You could connect the DMX decoder with DMX digital console to achieve dimming or various changes in procedures. Not connectied with DMX console, you can choose select the built-in 11 kinds of default patterns through the wireless remote control.
Basic Parameters
  1. ModelHL-DMX100
  2. Working temperature-20-60 ℃
  3. Input voltageDC 5-24V
  4. Output3 channel
  5. External dimensionL175 * W53 * H27 mm
  6. Packing sizeL180 * W58 * H58 mm
  7. Net weight300g
  8. Gross weight350g
  9. Connection modeCommon anode
  10. Output current <5A (each channel)
  11. Output power 5V:<75W,  12V:<180W,  24V:<360W.