PRODUCTS details

Portable Mini Cat-3M

  • 1. Professional appearance design, clean and elegant, concise and vogue.
  • 2. Portable and convenient utility, flexible strips can be rolled up freely by rotation component, which roll strip back into chamber after use.
  • 3. Use bright 2835 lamp beads, combined with highly transparent and environmentally friendly PVC material, high light efficiency, good luminous effect.
  • 4. IP65 waterproof grade, can be used safely outdoors.
  • 5. Can be directly connected to the city electricity, to adapt to the electricity consumption standards of most countries such as the European Union and China.
  • 6. Convenient installation, flexible and easy to bend, widely used.
Basic Parameters
  1. Model Portable Mini Cat-3M (HV)
  2. Length 3 Meters
  3. Voltage AC230V
  4. Power 24W
  5. Lumens 1400LM
  6. CRI >80
  7. IP IP65
  8. Beam angle 120°
  9. CCT NW/CW
  10. Warranty 2 years
  11. Working temperature -20~+50℃
  12. N.W 0.8KG
  13. Over heat protection Yes
  14. Light strip size 14X6mm