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Shenzhen Helian Electronics Electronics Co.,Ltd (HLLED) is a high-technology enterprise established in 2007 with a vision to provide cost-effective lighting solutions. With a team of highly-trained and seasoned lighting experts, professional sales representative, skilled staffs, Helian is your go-to partner for turn-key LED lighting solutions, with exceptional customer service and support. With 15 years of experience in researching & developing LED strip lights, our business network is extending to Europe, America,Russia and all around the world. Our producing area is over 20000㎡ and owns a strong competitive team with much spirit of team work, which also process a sense of social responsibility.





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Our product lines include a full-range of surface, recessed, and pendant mounted linear LED 
fixtures for decorative, task, and general lighting purposes, in addition to an unparalleled selection of high-quality components: LED linear light, LED aluminum profiles, LED grow light, LED cabinet light, LED flexible strips, LED rigid strips, LED tube light, LED panel light, LED flood light, LED controller, LED lighting accessories, and different types of power-supplies and controls for low-voltage LED lighting. With demand for LED lighting increasing, Helian stays committed to innovating our product offerings to reflect the best and latest in solid-state technology. Helian is a strategic design-minded manufacturer of customized LED lighting systems for decorative, residential, and commercial lighting needs, which are widely used in airport, museums, libraries, residential, galleries, corridors, offices, reception areas, cinema hall, laboratories, entertainment areas, hotels, exhibition halls, theme venues, schools and colleges, indoor & outdoor, clinics & hospitals, parking lots covered with sidewalks and other fields. As LED strip light experts, we excel in LED profession, and take pride in the quality of our products. We make LED strip lights like art creation. 
With committed endeavors of our professional design and engineering team, our LED strip lights are created with the greatest performance for various residential and commercial lighting projects. With an unwavering commitment to quality and full-service project management and support, our goal is to deliver robust and reliable lighting systems that are simple to install, affordable, and most importantly—realize the vision of the homeowner, designer, or builder-alike.

We passed ISO14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 version international quality administration certification successively, and our series products are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, product safety certifications and so on. Our story is one of impressive evolution and establishing a relationship of trust with our customers. The reputation of the company is forged thanks to each quality project realized in collaboration with our agents. We are proud to develop products on which our collaborator can count on for maximum performance and built with quality materials for years of durability. Based on solid technical knowledge, Helian continually develops innovative products to meet everyone’s needs. Our vision is to provide beautiful LED strip lighting to the world. Everyone has equal right to live with beautiful lighting. With our vision, we do our best to offer the best LED Lighting with the best prices to everyone. Discover the advantage of partnering with Helian by contacting us today!